Fours & Fives

Our Fours-Fives program nurtures your child’s inherent interest in learning and creativity. The teachers and classroom environment are responsive to the varying needs of each child, focusing on social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth.

If your child would like to stay past regular dismissal, they can join our Enrichment program, lasting until 2pm.

Typical Day in a Fours-Fives Classroom

Both teacher facilitated and child initiated choices in the areas of creative self expression, large and small muscle activities, language arts, math and science are intertwined with daily experiences exposing children to rich and diverse curricula.

During discovery time, children are given the time and opportunity to experience success independently and as a member of a group as their initiative and confidence grows. Children learn and grow at their own pace in a classroom environment that allows each child to develop their skills and abilities through exploration, investigation and communication.

Throughout this process, your child develops a love of learning, trust in their peers and teachers, as well as confidence in themselves. Children are prepared for the more formal educational experiences of elementary school.

In addition to classroom activities, our “specials” teachers provide instruction in music, movement, outdoor education and science.

News from the Fours/Fives